Can I incorporate a limited liability company without visiting Mexico?

Yes, you can set up a Mexican business remotely, without visiting Mexico. There is not need to travel.

Is CompanyMEX still active during the corona crisis?

Yes, our operations have not been affected, and we can work as efficiently as before. Note again that there is no need to travel to be able to incorporate a company of foundation in Mexico.

What are the typical kinds of shares that can be issued under Mexican law?

– Shares of common stock: typical shares issued by a Mexican company that grant to shareholders the same rights and obligations.
– Preferential shares: a special type of share which is entitled to receive dividends ahead of common shares, according to a minimum percentage provided in law or as set out in the bye-laws of the company and which may or may not have voting rights.
– Limited voting shares: this type of share can only vote at extraordinary shareholders’ meetings, at which the following matters are discussed (among others):
1. amendments to bye-laws;
2. dissolution;
3. change of corporate purpose;
4. extension of the term of the company;
5. change of company nationality;
6. mergers;
7. corporate conversions.
– Unlimited voting shares: this type of share grants shareholders the right to exercise voting rights in any shareholders’ meeting and regarding any matter.
– Non-assessable shares: shares fully paid by the subscribing shareholders or given to shareholders as a result of the capitalisation of stock premiums or other shareholder contributions. A class of stock in which the issuing company cannot impose further levies on its shareholders for additional funds for further investment.
– Assessable shares: shares which have not been paid in full by the subscribing shareholder(s). This is a class of stock in which the issuing company is allowed to impose levies on stockholders for more funds.
– Neutral shares: shares issued by publicly-held corporations to Mexican trust institutions and which are used by these institutions to issue, in turn, ordinary participation certificates (certificados de participación ordinaria) that represent monetary rights (as opposed to corporate rights) derived from such shares. away both rights simultaneously from one share.

How much capital do I need in order to start a Mexican company?

There is no minimum capital requirement. However, working capital is a daily necessity for businesses, as they require a regular amount of cash to make routine payments, cover unexpected costs, and purchase basic materials used in the production of goods. … Working capital is a prevalent metric for the efficiency, liquidity and overall health of a company.

Can a single person own the company?

No, different from many other countries in the world, Mexican companies are required to have at least 2 shareholders.