Why CompanyMEX?

Starting a Mexican business can be challenging

Starting a new business comes with several challenges. Having an idea alone does not translate into a successful business. If you are a beginner, looking to incorporate your own Mexican business, you may feel somewhat lost and confused, and not have the faintest idea of where to start. After all, there is so much to do when it comes to establishing your own business, and only a professional mentor can help with this.

Do you know that there are several types of Mexican business? Here is an overview of the types of the Mexican business.

Type of Mexican Business

Many of you may get confused when deciding the best type of business you should register in the Mexico to operate efficiently. Most entrepreneurs like to start a Sociedad in Mexico, as it doesn’t require the owner to be a resident in the Mexico to establish the company. However, it may interest you to know that there are other options too. We can help you to easily set up the following company types:

How CompanyMEX will help you?

As you can see there are many steps involved when you set up a company in Mexico. CompanyMEX can help you in the following ways:

Meeting Legal Compliance Requirements

You have to get your company formation done, along with registration at the Mexican Tax Authority and Chamber of Commerce. Signing papers for loans, deciding liability, and getting permits may sound hectic. CompanyMEX has contacts with local authorities, so you do not end up struggling, and each step can be taken care of by the company.

When you are in the process of setting up your business in Mexico, you will often incur expenses even before the office is officially launched. Thus, CompanyMex can help in arranging annual filing accounts, which you need to maintain and retain for seven years.

Tax Compliance Requirements

Financial statements must be prepared annually. Publicly listed Mexican companies must use IFRS. Otherwise, companies may use Mexican GAAP or IFRS.

Corporate tax is imposed on a company’s profits, which consist of business/trading income, passive income, and capital gains. Normal business expenses may be deducted in computing taxable income. Inflationary accounting for tax purposes is applicable to certain types of revenue and expenses.

Dividends received by a Mexican resident company from another Mexican resident company are exempt for corporate tax. Dividends received from a foreign company are subject to corporate tax in the period the dividends are received, but a credit for underlying corporate and witholding taxes paid abroad generally is available.

Mexican companies can freely distribute dividends on profits that have been taxed in Mexico; otherwise, corporate taxes must be paid as a consequence of the dividend distribution. Companies must maintain a special “CUFIN” account to track previously taxed profits.

Dividend payments generally are subject to a 10% witholding tax.

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  • Limited Liability Company (S. de R.L.)
  • Stock Company (S.A.)
  • Civil Corporation (S.C.)
  • Non-profit Association (A.C.)
  • Stock Investment Promotion Company (S.A.P.I.)

If you think that dreaming big is the first step to success, then you are absolutely right. A business can be big when it is earning higher profits for you; we believe that it is at its biggest, however, when you have an amazing business idea and plan by your side.

Balance sheets, profit distribution, remunerations, taxes and other important factors will already take up so much of you and your best employees’ time; hence, why not look for seamless solutions, in order to experience optimal ease while setting up the business you have always wanted to be involved in.

… but we are here to help

One stop solution

CompanyMEX is your one-stop-solution when it comes to setting up a Mexican business. If you are the owner of a new business in Mexico, you need to observe government rules and regulations, and tick off a comprehensive checklist which accompanies starting up a new Mexican company. CompanyMEX not only familiarizes you with the requirements when starting up a Mexican business, but also guides you through the entire process.

Location plays a crucial role when it comes to the success of a business, as every amenity should be at arm’s length. CompanyMEX will help in finding the right location for your company. We also have contacts with office providers that help in renting incredible spaces for you in which to work and conduct meetings.

Unique Approach

Every entrepreneur and business idea needs a unique approach and starting point. That’s where CompanyMEX comes into the picture. We will inform you of the specific conditions that apply to your business.

Dedicate Your Time and Effort to Something Productive

Getting us involved will allow you to focus on important matters and factors that enable your business to be a front-runner in domestic, as well as international, markets. We will take care of all your taxes, legal matters and disputes, and even register your trademark to ensure your future.

We have a pool of tax advisers to keep you abreast of Mexican Tax Laws, and help you operate your business effectively and efficiently. In order to allow you to solely focus on your business goals, our Office Provider team will assist you in finding the right space for your business, and in completing all the on-site requirements.

Rely on Us to Set It up Right

It is imperative to have professionals on your side with years of experience and relationships built up with local authorities, so that you can get the necessary approval and documentation done easily and expeditiously. If you, as an entrepreneur, are not an Mexican citizen, you must fulfill certain conditions if you intend to stay in Mexico. CompanyMEX can help you in applying for a temporary, or permanent, residence permit, as the case may be.

Our team of professionals can help to dissipate the stress that may arise when planning to set up your company in Mexico. We are quick, reliable, efficient, and can help in registering the company within two weeks, if you visit the country for the procedures.

On your behalf, we can think of unique and attractive business names that are suitable, and help you get to your company registered as quickly as possible. We will also take care of everything else, starting with drafting and notarising the incorporation documents of the new company, submitting them, registering your legal company, dealing with taxation, and many other procedures.

If you wish to start up a company in Mexico without any hassle, why not make an appointment to speak to our representative right now!